About Us

EBM Technology is a technical component manufacturing company which offers customizing, design, engineering, fabricating, finishing and assembly.

We specialize in injection molding, stamping, and die-casting manufacturing — which are mainly used for automotive parts, electrical parts, medical, digital parts, and motorcycle products. We pride ourselves on our accumulated portfolio list for international customers, including customers based in the USA, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan.

The meticulous care and precision that we dedicate to our products is clearly visible in every batch. Each batch of finished products is thoroughly checked by our dedicated quality control division department to ensure that every item is guaranteed to surpass the global standard. Our new main manufacturing facility recently opened in Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, China. We also re-validated our ISO certification!

Our engineering and design team utilizes Solidworks, Pro/E, and UG software for tooling and part design in 3D. The entire project management process is monitored in real-time, from initial conception to delivery to ensure peace of mind.